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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] WSI signatures propsal & impact on ebXML Messaging


I have an architectural level PoV that should be discussed.  

When people have asked about  ebXML MS vs. SOAP, I try to reconcile the 
two by saying that ebXML MS is really SOAP ( based on SOAP) with some 
extra bits that make it suitable for eBusiness (notwithstanding the 
technical edge).  The two are both suited for different things - one as 
a lightweight replacement for XML-RPC and the other a finely tuned 
messaging that supports complex and long running business 
collaborations.  Like a Car, a bicycle, a bus, a taxi and walking - they 
can all accomplish the same feat, just each are better suited to a 
different set of requirements.

My question is, do the recent advances in SOAP ridge the gap to the 
point where the two may eventually converge as one spec, or are there 
still a large set of  differentiators between the two.

Has anyone made a matrix of the two like this:

CPAID, Conversation ID

ebXML MS requires one, SOAP doesn't however, you could demand that a 
CPAID element be included in the SOAP:body as part of a payload

Time to persist (from CPA)

ebXML MS must act according to values, SOAP is not constrained. etc.




Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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