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Subject: CSMA Back-Off Algorithm

On the topic of improving our retry algorithm, I think a variant of the
Back-Off algorithm used in Carrier Sense Multiple Access may be suitable.
Me may want to specify a "reset interval", so that the delay does not built
up to such a high number that the message is never transmitted after an
extended loss of connectivity.


"Each sender will delay after a collision before attempting to retransmit.
If they will delay for the same time, another collision will occur. Thatıs
why each sender chooses a random delay between 0 and d (d is some standard
delay value). If, nevertheless, another collision occurs, each computer
doubles the range from which the delay is chosen,  that means, the random
delay will now be between 0 and 2d. If another collision occurs the range
will be between 0 and 4d and so onŠ After each collision the range of the
random delay increases exponentially, therefore the probability of collision
rapidly decreases and after few iterations becomes negligible."
Matthew MacKenzie
Senior Architect
IDBU Server Solutions
Adobe Systems Canada Inc.
+1 (506) 871.5409

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