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Subject: Groups - Weekly call added

Weekly call has been added by Doug Bunting

Date:  Wednesday, 08 December 2004
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm PT

Event Description:
Number: (865)525-0625
Meeting id: 2765625#
Host: Doug Bunting, Sun

Copying from Ian's last agenda (I am not positive which items could / should be removed):

1. Role call
2. Pull proposal follow up - Jeff
   We have seen a few follow-up emails on this list about this topic.
3. WS-Security integration results - Jeff
   Pete sent an email referencing the latest WSS SwA Profile.
4. How do we - proceed - divison of work?
   Sorry, I have lost track of our decisions here.
5. SOAP 1.1 decision communication, reasons, publication.
   Did we postpone this one or finish dealing with it?
6. Future meeting schedule, especially Dale's offer to host in Scottsdale.
7. A.O.B.


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