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Subject: WSS questions

Here are some questions I got from
users implementing ebMS3.0 CD.
I appreciate if someone can answer
the followings:

1) Username / Password Option
   The example is including both <wsse:UsernameToken>
   and <SecurityTokenReference>.
<wsse:Security xmlns:wsse="…" xmlns:wsu="…"> 
  <wsse:UsernameToken wsu:Id="#TokenID"> 
<eb:Messaging eb:version="3.0" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1" > 
        <wsse:Reference URI="#TokenID" /> 
     <eb:MessageInfo> …. </eb:MessageInfo> 
     <eb:PullRequest eb:forMbox="…" /> 
  </eb: SignalMessage>

   Can we omit <SecurityTokenReference> with
   this example, even if we use ID and Password? 
   Or is it mandatory to include the element?
   It seems redundancy.
   *If both of them should be included, the spec
   should mention it. If not, it should be mentioned 

2) The above example is for SignalMessage.
   How about for UserMessage? I assume the
   answer is the same with the above.



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