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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Groups - Security Concern - Bullet Items

Here is the list of security sections bullet items I promised to put 
together. I reserve the right to add to the list after thinking about 
this subject some more.

- Message signature and encryption is specified in WSS1.0 and WSS1.1.

- The structure and content of the Security element MUST conform to the 
Web Services Security 1.0 or Web Services Security 1.1 - Depending on 
conformance profile being utilized.

- To promote interoperability the security element MUST conform to the 
WS-I Basic Security Profile Version 1.0, and the WS-I Attachments 
Profile Version 1.0.

- It is not clear to me if we are requiring Security support in all 
compliant MSHs. If required the spec should read - Support for the X.509 
Certificate Token Profile and Username TokenName Profile are REQUIRED. 
If Security support is not required, then RECOMMENDED should be stated.

- It is RECOMMENDED that the eb:Messaging Container Element, the SOAP 
Body, and all attachments be included in the signature.

- As outlined in WS-I Basic Security Profile, support for Detached 
Signatures is REQUIRED. An MSH implementation MAY support Enveloped 
Signatures as defined in the XML Signature Specification. Enveloped 
Signatures add an additional level of security in preventing the 
addition of XML elements to the SOAP Header. Enveloped Signatures may 
limit the ability of intermediaries to process messages.

- It is REQUIRED that compliant MSH implementations support the 
Attachment-Content-Only transform. It is RECOMMENDED that compliant MSH 
implementations support the Attachment-Complete transform.

-An MSH implementation may encrypt the eb:Messaging Container Element. 
The eb:PartyInfo section may be used to aid in message routing before 
decryption has occurred. It is RECOMMENDED that the eb:PartyInfo 
elements not be encrypted.

- When both signature and encryption are required of the MSH, sign first 
and then encrypt.


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