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Subject: Secure and Reliable Messaging Considerations - CDC PHIN Perspective

Attached is a draft document that we (at CDC) created to articulate some of the major
considerations in secure and reliable message transport, based on CDC's experience with the PHIN Messaging System (PHINMS) and public health messaging in general. At some point, it may be useful for us to do a gap analysis between these considerations and those addressed by ebMS 3.0, to see if there are any new candidates for standardization.
Also, below is a paper from the NIST PKI workshop, on the security aspects of the PHIN Messaging System (PHINMS):

Raja Kailar, Ph.D.
CTO, Business Networks International, Inc.
Ph: (770) 399 0433
Cell: (678) 358 6553
Fax: (770) 234 6685


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