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Subject: AgreementRef

1541 - @type: This REQUIRED attribute indicates how the parties send and
receiving the message will interpret the value of the reference.

Notice that the @type is a REQUIRED attribute of eb:AgreementRef. The
example at line 1536 does not include the @type attribute. All the examples
I have looked at that contain the eb:AgreementRef element do not include the
REQUIRED @type attribute.

Either the samples should be updated or @type should be changed to OPTIONAL.
It would probably make sense to add wording along the lines of what is in
the spec for eb:Service/@type. Line 1555 - There is no restriction on the
value of the type attribute. If the type attribute is not present, the
content of the Service element MUST be a URI (see {RFC2396]). Etc.

Apologies if I had sent this issue to the list before. I vaguely recall
commenting on the issue before, but I can't locate the email.


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