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Subject: Comments and propopsals


I have two minor editorial comments to the latest CD
to submit for the second public review.

- The related work "related to" section 
   in the first page may describe the following specs:
   SOAP1.1, SOAP1.2, WS-Security specs,
   WS-Reliability1.1, WS-RM CS, and ebMS2.0,
   and remove "replaces or supercedes" section.

- Removing the blank page on the page87, if no problem
   with it.

I would like to include the voting for the second public 
review to the agenda for today's telecon.
I would like to vote for submitting the CD04 
that was approved on 3/28, to the second public review 
with the following updates:
1) The proposal from Jacques regarding the terminology
    change "Flow" to "Channel".
2) Above two editorial comments.

Technically we may need two voting:
1) Making the above updated spec to CD05.
2) Submitting the CD05 to the second public review.

If you have any comments, that would be appreciated.



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