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Subject: Groups - Multi-hop Section Draft 0.10 (ebMS3-Multihop V10-SF.doc) uploaded

Notes and todo's on this version of the proposal:

- 1.4.2: There's a requirement on intermediaries to support streaming. I
thought this requirement was dropped.

- 1.4.3: It is stated that intermediaries should not be aware of PModes. Is
this true as the message forwarding by intermediaries can be described by a
PMode (as shown by Pim in an earlier mail)

- 1.4.6: Should we say something about supported MEPs and/or should we
introduce special multi-hop MEPs or MEP bindings? I think no new MEPs are
needed, but new bindings should be considered like multihop-push and

- 1.6: Introduced a new PMode feature to describe the information to be set
in the WS-A reference parameter. Or should the feature be about WS-A with
the RefParam as a property?

- 1.7: Added this section to formally define the routing input reference
parameter. I assume the reference parameter will have its own definition in
its own namespace. 

 -- Mr. Sander Fieten

The document revision named Multi-hop Section Draft 0.10 (ebMS3-Multihop
V10-SF.doc) has been submitted by Mr. Sander Fieten to the OASIS ebXML
Messaging Services TC document repository.  This document is revision #8 of

Document Description:
Draft of the multi-hop section.
- a few updates in the definition section (editorial)
- added a commented Flow diagram (section 1.7.1) on RM sequence
establishment. To review.
- section 1.5 (Intermediary Role) rewritten, though not complete yet.
(diff with 0.3 visible)
- section 1.5 updated based on feedback and extended for response
- Added text to section 1.5 on streaming and store-and-forward models for
implementing intermediaries
- Changed the text describing the streaming model to include two sub cases,
asynchronous and synchronous streaming.
- a few updates / corrections (diffs visible)
- fleshed out the "routing of Acks" multihop subsection at the end.
- Updated definition of routing function and mep bridging
- Changes to section on details of the routing function. The changes here
are mostly textual. Changes shouldn't have impact on spec itself.
- Moved section 1.4.3 Endpoints requirements to 1.6 where requirements can
be more explicitly formulated
- Reformatted handling of routing input by intermediary
- New section 1.6 on Endpoints requirements, includes introduction of
RefParam PMode feature
- Added section 1.7 to specify definition of WS-A reference parameter

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This document is revision #8 of ebMS3-Multihop.doc.  The document details
page referenced above will show the complete revision history.

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-OASIS Open Administration

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