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Subject: Problem with pull

ebms core 3 part 2 section 2.2.6 The One-Way/Pull MEP, states the following

i  'To conform to this MEP the pulled User Message unit MUST NOT include an eb:RefToMessageId element.'

ii however, in section 3.2 the pulled user message example does contain a 'eb:RefToMessageId' element corresponding to the pull request signal message id.

The implications of ii are as follows

o  we have to add a 'eb:RefToMessageId' to the pulled user message unit

o  we cannot store a signed message for queuing if we have to adjust the 'eb:RefToMessageId' as this would break the signature. 

We believe that this would also be problematic in supporting multi-hop with signed messages.

PS - the above means that what I said at the last meeting that we support SOAP Security Level of  sign and encrypt for a pulled user message unit with AS4 is not correct.

Comments appreciated


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