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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Restructuring

Yep - but resulting imo something that is less than limited, ie. once a message is retrieved from the default MPC it is gone whether or not it was retrieved by the intended party or not.

Perhaps a clarification/recommendation on that in the AS4 draft would suffice.

On 01 Jul 2011, at 3:01 PM, Pim van der Eijk wrote:

> Well, as I understand it, Partner authorized_for Channel is
> an N * M relation. Channel used_for Pmode is an 1 * M
> relation.
> So multiple partners could be authorized to pull from the
> default MPC,  and different types of messages could be sent
> on it.
> But I think the practical value of the default MPC (without
> extensions like sub-channels mentioned below) is limited. 

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