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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Superannuation Profiles

Comment on MPCs and pull with AS4 light client inline 

On 02 Jan 2013, at 4:23 PM, Pim van der Eijk wrote:

> 3)  MPCs and pull with AS4 light client
> The AS4 light client profile does not require support for additional message partitions (other than the default one) per 2.2.1 of the spec.  The way pulling works with MPCs (see v3 Core section 3.2), an MPC is like a FIFO queue where any client authorized to pull from an MPC has access to messages submitted to that MPC.  So if an AS4 MSH has more than one partner that gets messages by pulling, different MPCs would be needed to make sure one partner does not pull a message intended for another partner. (There are some enhancements for this defined in part 2: subchannels and selective pulling, but AS4 does not use them) Analogously to Push mode,  where the sender would post message to different HTTP addresses, with Pull the sender could assign them to different MPCs.  A profile could adopt a naming convention for MPCs,  e.g. include the partner party ID ABN or party name in the MPC URI string value.  

My interpretation from the spec is that support for pulling from a specified MPC is required. This from Security under 2.2.1 which states the following

Both authorization options for message pulling (authorizing an eb:PullRequest for a particular MPC) described in the ebHandler conformance profile MUST be supported

and that it is only for pushing where the light client is restricted to 'sending' on the default MPC.


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