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Subject: Draft meeting minutes for March 11th meeting



Sander Fieten (chair)
Makesh Rao (chair)
Theo Kramer
Pim van der Eijk
Bram Bakx (new TC member)

CPA 2015 draft
F2F meeting

CPA 2015 draft

Pim introduces the CPA draft he uploaded and describes the history of this standard. CPA is part of the ebXML stack of specifications which is used between two partner to define their message exchanges. Current version is from 2002 and based on ebMS v2.0. There has been work done to update the CPA spec to make it usable with ebMS v3.

ebMS V3 uses the P-Mode concept but there is no formalised format for it so currently exchanging information is informal with related complexity and risks. Updating CPA solves this issue by formalising the message exchange configuration. Beside ebMS V3 CPA 2015 supports other messaging protocols and has an extension mechanism to add other if needed.

The draft is based on annotated XML schema definitions and therefor is different to the regular OASIS standard format. TC Admin has indicated this is an acceptable format for a specification. There however needs to be a small additional specification document. 

There is discussion between TC members if a formalised P-Mode concept could solve a lot of problems as well. Pim will create example how to map CPA elements to P-Mode parameters. 

F2F meeting

The F2F meeting end of March is cancelled due to unavailability of TC members. An option is to have the F2F meeting in The Netherlands. The disadvantage is that people located in the San Francisco Bay area can (probably) not join. The TC will look what the options for a F2F later this year are. 


No time left for discussion on issues. Postponed to next meeting.

April 8th, 12:00 PDT (GMT-7)

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