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Thanks Colin.  I'd be pleased to send the set
to Andy or anyone else.  Just send me a private
email.  OASIS has a formal collaborative
relationship with ITU-T, so it also can access
and provide the documents.

Actually, the ITU-T in the 1970s began to attract
information system and internet providers/vendors,
and today they constitute the preponderance of
participants in many countries, especially the U.S.
Recall that XML's predecessor ASN.1 (and still used
in many infrastructures) was a product of ITU-T

Anyhow, most governments facilitate easy availability
of TIES accounts.  A handy URL is the ITU's Global
Directory with which you can query for government
contacts and members in any country or international


On 11/3/2011 6:52 PM, Colin Wallis wrote:
Not speaking for Tony but.....yes, correct Andy.
You need what is called a TIES account until such time as it's available on the public pages of ITU-T's website, but I am not sure what that process is.  There is some there but at first glance it is not all of this yet.
The extent to which that is available to other folks I'm not sure. Telco operators and Governments are given a relatively easy run with respect to getting Ties accounts :-)but I'm not sure what the position is outside of those domains.

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