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ekmi-audit message

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Subject: Re: Need help on the day of?

We need all the help we can get, Allen; its a joint OASIS
and ISACA workshop.  We even have a $5,000 budget for this
for the workshop.

If you'd like to jump in right now, please do.  Mike Nelson
and Ken Adler are co-Chairs of the Audit Guidelines Sub-
Committee (AGSC) and can use any free time you have.  I will
be bringing this up as a primary item on the agenda for
Tuesday's (8/21)mmonthly meeting, so if you'd like to get a
discussion rolling, lets get started.


P.S.  Please add yourself to the Audit Guidelines SC on
the OASIS Member's page, so you can get e-mails from this

Allen wrote:
> Hi Arshad,
> Noticed that the meeting notes included a comment, "...San Francisco 
> ISACA was definitely interested in an EKMI Workshop and would target 
> November 2007 as a potential date for such a full-day workshop."
> Will you need any help with this or is ISACA doing all the work?
> Best,
> Allen

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