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ekmi-audit message

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Subject: Re: [ekmi-audit] Re: Need help on the day of?

Arshad & Allen,

I'm pressing the SF ISACA Education Committee to make some final decisions
regarding the remaining 2007 educational topics and I'm still pushing for an
EKMI session in November.  I'm assuming for now that we're targeting a 90
minute session like the one done in Singapore, rather than a full day
hands-on type session.

We ran into a brick wall in terms of trying to get the SF ISSA chapter to do
a joint session with us, so the help we could use once we land on a final
date is with publicity outside of our normal auditor membership and into the
security community.

BTW, the booth for OASIS at the SF ISACA Fall Conference in September is
confirmed.  Will you be manning that booth on 9/18 Arshad?

On 8/18/07 5:48 PM, "Arshad Noor" <arshad.noor@strongauth.com> wrote:

> We need all the help we can get, Allen; its a joint OASIS
> and ISACA workshop.  We even have a $5,000 budget for this
> for the workshop.
> If you'd like to jump in right now, please do.  Mike Nelson
> and Ken Adler are co-Chairs of the Audit Guidelines Sub-
> Committee (AGSC) and can use any free time you have.  I will
> be bringing this up as a primary item on the agenda for
> Tuesday's (8/21)mmonthly meeting, so if you'd like to get a
> discussion rolling, lets get started.
> Thanks.
> Arshad
> P.S.  Please add yourself to the Audit Guidelines SC on
> the OASIS Member's page, so you can get e-mails from this
> alias.
> Allen wrote:
>> Hi Arshad,
>> Noticed that the meeting notes included a comment, "...San Francisco
>> ISACA was definitely interested in an EKMI Workshop and would target
>> November 2007 as a potential date for such a full-day workshop."
>> Will you need any help with this or is ISACA doing all the work?
>> Best,
>> Allen

mnelson@securenet-technologies.com or mrfisma@gmail.com
www.securenet-technologies.com or www.fisma.us
blog: mrfisma.com

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