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Subject: RE: [election-services] High-Level Process Model

Can we all please remember to copy in Charbel separately, he's not on the
election services list yet.

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From: Jason Kitcat [mailto:jeep@free-project.org]
Sent: 30 November 2001 15:17
To: John Ross; Borras John - e-Envoy e-Government -;
election-services@lists.oasis-open.org; john.w.stevens@bt.com;
paul.spencer@boynings.co.uk; 'Robin Anthony work'; 'Glidden, Julia';
'Macintosh, Ann'
Subject: RE: [election-services] High-Level Process Model

At 3:13 pm +0000 30/11/01, John Ross wrote:
>I concur with Jason's process model, but I think we need to include extra
>interface points (6 to 10) were we need to define XML schema.

I totally agree - I left out further interface points because I 
didn't know how you might want to apply the existing proposed 
interfaces to the new model...


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