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Subject: RE: [election-services] OASIS EVS TC: EML VERSION 2 VOTE AND TCMEETING

Dear All

Following the committee meeting on 20th June and subsequent discussions, we
are now in a position to formally vote on adopting the attached Process
Document and supporting XML Schemas as EML Version 2 with the status of
Committee Specification.  The changes between this latest draft, V2.0B, and
the draft that was issue for the committee meeting, V2.0A, are side-lined in
the Process document.
Could I please ask you now to cast your vote, either:
ACCEPT - to adopt EML version 2
DECLINE - not to adopt EML version 2 ( in this case your reasons for
declining would be appreciated)    

To allow for holidays, we will keep the vote open for the next few weeks and
will conclude it at 17.00 London time on 30 August.  

The OASIS regulations require a 2/3 vote of TC members with no more than 1/4

As of today, the following are considered to be voting members of the
committee.  If your name is not on this list please contact me. 

Anwar Choudhury
John Borras
Oliver Bell
Tim Bovee
Jason Kitkat
Gregg McGilvray
Dan Ryan
Krishna Sankar
John Ross
Jo-Ann Zakielarz
Eric Peterson
John Stevens
Charbel Aoun
Paul Spencer

The next committee meeting will be held on 5th September commencing at 16.00
London time (which I believe is 11.00 USA Eastern time, 08.00 USA Pacific
time and 17.00 European time).  The meeting will be a teleconference and I
will issue phone numbers and agenda nearer the time.  Anyone in UK is
welcome to join us here in Stockley House.


John Borras
Assistant Director Standards and Infrastructure
Office of the e-Envoy
Cabinet Office
United Kingdom
Tel no. +44 20 7276 3101

The Cabinet Office's computer systems may be monitored and communications
carried on them recorded, to secure the effective operation of the system
and for other lawful purposes.


Attachment: Voting Process V2.0B Final.zip
Description: Binary data

Attachment: EML schemas V2.0B Final.zip
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