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Subject: Proposed Changes to v4

Previously, I have tested the EML schemas with XML Spy, MSXML and the
Topologi schema validator. Recently, someone has reported problems with
Xerces 2.6.0 (Java) as a result of which I have done some changes.

Some of the problems relate to using the xlink.xsd and xml.xsd from the W3C
web site. In particular, xlink.xsd looks for a DTD on the W3C site, while
xml.xsd looks for the same DTD locally. Since only small parts of these
schemas are used, it seems sensible to get rid of them completely. This
should also improve parsing performance.

Declarations from xlink.xsd were used to access external documentation and
to provide internal links (XPointers) for PreferredLanguage and
PreferredContact. I propose to replace the PreferredLanguage link with a
language code, PreferredContact with an XPointer in element content and the
xlink:href attribute in DocumentIdentifierStructure with an Href attribute
with a type of xs:anyURI. These changes allow us to remove the xs:import for

xml:xsd was used only for language codes. I propose to replace every
instance of xml:lang with LanguageType which is currently the same as

There may be some other changes as a result of the testing with Xerces, but
I hope we can agree these on Thursday.


Paul Spencer
Boynings Consulting Ltd

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