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Subject: RE: [election-services] Proposed Changes to v4

The person who reported the original problem using Xerces is happy with the
changes I made, so I believe that there are no more changes required. Could
anyone let me know if they have problems with this or any other parser. I
would also be interested in knowing which parsers (including version number)
people are using successfully with EML, especially following the next



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Paul Spencer [mailto:paul.spencer@boynings.co.uk]
> Sent: 16 February 2004 10:31
> To: election-services@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: [election-services] Proposed Changes to v4
> Previously, I have tested the EML schemas with XML Spy, MSXML and the
> Topologi schema validator. Recently, someone has reported problems with
> Xerces 2.6.0 (Java) as a result of which I have done some changes.
> Some of the problems relate to using the xlink.xsd and xml.xsd
> from the W3C
> web site. In particular, xlink.xsd looks for a DTD on the W3C site, while
> xml.xsd looks for the same DTD locally. Since only small parts of these
> schemas are used, it seems sensible to get rid of them completely. This
> should also improve parsing performance.
> Declarations from xlink.xsd were used to access external documentation and
> to provide internal links (XPointers) for PreferredLanguage and
> PreferredContact. I propose to replace the PreferredLanguage link with a
> language code, PreferredContact with an XPointer in element
> content and the
> xlink:href attribute in DocumentIdentifierStructure with an Href attribute
> with a type of xs:anyURI. These changes allow us to remove the
> xs:import for
> xlink.xsd.
> xml:xsd was used only for language codes. I propose to replace every
> instance of xml:lang with LanguageType which is currently the same as
> xs:language.
> There may be some other changes as a result of the testing with
> Xerces, but
> I hope we can agree these on Thursday.
> Regards
> Paul Spencer
> Director
> Boynings Consulting Ltd
> http://www.boynings.co.uk
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