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Subject: RE: [election-services] Defining a trusted voting process - one disabilities concern

FWIW: The discussion I've seen in the disabilities community has been over
the import of the paper receipt. What doesn't seem to be brought up is that
a lot of polling places aren't accessible -- and even when they are, there
isn't enough accessible transportation to get those with disabilities to the
polls. While I praise the ideal of universally accessible polling places my
cynicism says they and the paper ballot issue are currently (functionallly)
being used as a red herring issue put out by those who don't want the
disabilities community to seriously consider UUID voting by the net, phone,
fax, ATM, IM, email, set top box, what have you -- and as a result -- FWD
are currently unable to vote and would be for the foreseeable future -- if
the transportation issue isn't met -- and there is no political will to do
so -- because folks with disabilities can't vote for it. (Anyone want to
ride on my vicious cycle? :-))

Ed Dodds

>I think paper is a red herring to placate a few Luddites. Far more
important is the issue of intimidation, which applies to many systems
including postal votes.

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