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Subject: Defining Trusted Voting Process - a one pager

In interaction with the Maryland True Vote folks - after munging
on this these past weeks - I thinking I'm finally getting to
be able to distill this into a one pager here.
The trusted process is based on the three way - eVote, paper ballot and
electoral roll - then scanning of the paper ballots, comparing each paper
ballot with its matching eVote and crosschecking to the electoral roll
functions this way:
1) Voter checked against electoral roll - given access key
    Access key is stored anonymously to central log
2) eVoting - voter uses access key and DRE to make vote
    selections, confirms, starts printing, DRE saves eVote.
3) DRE dispatches selections to print device
    Print device creates scannable paper VVPAT and
    acknowledges print complete to DRE. Print device
    saves eVote print record. DRE completes voting session.
4) Voter deposits VVPAT in ballot box or sends in via mail.
5) Repeat for each voter.
6) Ballot closes, ballot boxes and DRE / printing media records secured.
7) DRE eVotes tallied.  Prelimary results announced.  Paper
    ballots sent to counting centers along with DRE media
    devices.  Everything is scanned, counted and crosschecked.
    The VVPATs should match the eVoting logs should match the
    access keys given out in the central roll log.  Remediate.
    Declare result, or await mailed in ballots to finalize result if its
    that close.
This gets you a verifiable process.  Then you just have to make sure
no one vendor is providing solutions across all the steps - and then
you have the separation needed to ensure each must conform to
the open process specifications - not their own hidden methods.
Every vendor involved should be interoperable with every other -
(e.g. an open marketplace of solution providers).
And of course the definition of a DRE can include equipment in a
polling station, a PC in local library, your personal computer at
home or work, so long as the software on it is certified as
EML specification compliant from our perspective.  Similarly
the electoral roll management and access key management
Next step I think is producing a nice White Paper that we
can use for positioning EML around this and wording this
up into an Executive Overview - rather than just my napkin
sketch here....
Thanks, DW

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