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Subject: Some trusted follow-up thoughts

Really enjoyed today's conference call and learning of all the
good work that EML 4.0 represents today.

Connecting all the dots is so crucial here and spreading
awareness and a foundation for international implementers.

Critical also is establishing a base minimum of functional
behaviours that are needed so that voters can be 
assured that the voting process is verifiable and 
accountable at its foundation using basic logic principles.

Knowing that the existing EML 4.0 schemas have
data points designed to support a variety of approaches
to this - and how this can be implemented in line with
regulatory and legislative requirements from jurisdictions
in different locales.

I look forward to the deliverables from the team on
the existing use cases and learning more in due course.

I will be focusing on morphing the basic trusted voting
materials I have right to now reflect the "how to" and 
specifics relating to the OASIS EML 4.0 specifications 
and principles.

Moving from a US-centric trusted process model 
to one that is an erector-set that can satisfy a broad range
of electoral systems.

Thanks, DW

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