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Subject: Updated Trusted Logic Voting with EML 4.0


Received some input from one of the IEEE P1622
team members today - refinements and clarifications
- especially around details of the US vote process.

I re-posted the materials -


Also - references to their work:


and this paper - which I think gives excellent level of details that could
find its way into a future revision of EML:


Two nits with the PDF would be - I'd prefer to keep clear
of stipulating any kind of hardware or setup requirements;
yes - I expect trusted logic voting to work with off-the-shelf
gear - but would not want to exclude other options.
And I like what they've done with ballot-ID - the only
caveat I have there - is I prefer some kind of simple
scheme that the voter can grok - to prevent hidden
encoding compromising a ballot in some way.
e.g. a code system like AAA-BB-2152354 where
each segment of the code has a known purpose and
is better than something like: A45gWE67KhjDD23

Other than that - everything else looks in alignment.
I like the term "EBI" electronic ballot imaging - excellent.

Let me know what else you find with the latest draft?

Enjoy, DW

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