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Subject: Ideas for EML 4+


Just some quick notes here.

In order to support the notion of voting centers requires
extending the basic capabilities of the processes EML

Four such capabilities include:

1) Federated electoral roll management;
    possiblity to use ebXML registry + EML to
    meet these needs.

2) Realtime firmware level execution control
    agent technology - to ensure voting machines
    are executing exactly as certified during original
    certification testing.  This is a continuous 
    monitoring software component based on
    processor level execution patterns and designed
    to detect any changes in behaviour in realtime
    and provide alerting.

3) Ability to reconcile three voting event records
    independently - electoral roll, digital vote records,
    and verified cast ballot records (paper) for auditing
    and results crosschecking and certification 

4) Scripting of voting parameters - EML already 
    provides the raw XML for this; showing how
    VoiceXML and forms such as XForms can
    be used to make voting scriptable.  This makes
    the operation much more open to certification
    using automated testing procedures.


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