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The agenda for next Monday's TC meeting is as follows:
1.  Interoperability Tests  (10 mins)
Dee Schur from OASIS will tell us what is required to run one or more Interoperability Tests as has been suggested following recent discussions with NIST.
2.  IPR Policy Transition  (10 mins)
We have to transition to a new IPR policy by 1st April or close down so it's make our minds up time.  The 3 options available are described in the IPR Policy document on the OASIS website.  I am proposing the RF on Limited Terms mode.
3.  EML White Paper  (10 mins)
Discussion and agreement on the final draft of the EML white paper entitled The Case for EML that I posted two weeks ago.  It's available on the TC website. 
4.  EML v5 (30 mins)
Discussion and agreement on the final drafts of the version 5 schemas and documentation.  These will be posted in the next few days.  The final Wishes List is attached and shows the changes that are now being made.
As you will see I plan to keep the meeting to no more than an hour to avoid expensive phone calls.  As a reminder the dial-in numbers are as follows:
       From USA dial:  1-888-967-2253 or 1-650-607-2253
       From the APAC region dial:   1800 222 712 (Australia toll-free)
       From Europe dial:  +44 (0) 118 924 9000

The Meeting ID is:   108982
The Meeting passcode is:  123456

Any problems accessing the meeting on the day please contact Bruce Elton of Oracle on  +44 (0) 7767 884354. 
M. +44 (0)7976 157745

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