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Subject: OSS internet voting system from Ireland

Not sure if they are using EML to manage their voting here?
I suspect not - else would probably have been mentioned.
Also - seems like there are a number of issues with the approach that using EML could certainly provide some mitigation for.
On the other hand - since this is an open source project - it may provide a useful codebase to enhance further?
Just in from the ACM TechNews:

"Open-Source Project Aims to Erase E-Voting Fog"
IDG News Service (04/16/07); Kirk, Jeremy

University College Dublin computer science lecturer Joseph Kiniry believes
that e-voting is risky and available software systems are substandard,
saying governments feel obliged to use e-voting to feel modern, despite
computer security experts' warnings that e-voting is insecure. Kiniry
knows governments are going to forge ahead with the implementation of
e-voting systems, so he and a team of researchers designed an open source
e-voting software system that he hopes will create a secure foundation for
e-voting. In Kiniry's system, voters register at a government office and
receive a PIN. Later, the voter will receive a unique ballot in the mail,
and on election day, the voter will enter their voter ID code and PIN on
the Web site. To select a candidate, the ballot has a number next to each
candidate that is different for every voter, a type of pre-encryption,
ensuring that the number can only be used once and will be useless if
intercepted. Kiniry's system also provides the voter with a receipt
number to make sure the vote was counted. Recounts remain a problem
because there are no physical ballots, and like other systems, a recount
would entail the system running the same software over again, which is not
an acceptable solution according to Kiniry. Kiniry believes a possible
solution would be to allow a third party to develop their own software
that could be used for recounts, but because elections have such ambiguity
without computer technology, it is likely any electronic voting system
will have ambiguities as well.
For information about ACM's e-voting activities, visit

http://www.infoworld.com/article/07/04/16/HNevotingfog_1.html _,___

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