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Subject: Quick Update from EML Lightning Round Talk at OASIS Symposium 2007

Hi All,

I gave the E&VS TC's Lightning Round talk this past Monday at the 
OASIS symposium 2007.  The talk went well and I got a light laugh out 
of one line ("While elections might not seem as complicated as say, 
control systems protocols [a talk before me], you'd be surprised at 
some of the challenges we have.").

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay for the reception... but I did get some 
interest from Arshad Noor of StrongAuth, Inc. (he's Chair or Co-Chair 
of a new PKI-ish TC, I believe).  He seemed interested in standards 
for cryptographic voting... I told him we should have coffee sometime, 
considering the nascent state of crypto in voting right now.

best, Joe

Joseph Lorenzo Hall
UC Berkeley School of Information

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