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Subject: Just how simple can you make EML 440 cast =?UTF-8?Q?ballot=3F?=


People say that EML is too complex.

In doing review of V6 so far - I produced the attached.

By taking the original CAM template for the V6 440 - and then excluding away all optional non-essentials - I then generated a subset schema - of only the remaining parts.

Then I output a quick example instance.

That subset schema is of course only a temporary working subset of the original EML 440 - and the sample instance should validate in the full EML 440 V6 schema itself.

I believe this shows that combining V6 with the CAM ability to quickly create localizations (this took about 30 minutes to do) - you can create powerful and simple implementations using EML.

Will be working on the next complete iteration of V6 draft schemas and release package for review next week.
Thanks, DW


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