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The Public Review period of v6.0 has now closed and attached are the comments we have received. There are two files; the first contains the comments received from non-TC members and the second contains an analysis of v6 done by Rich Cardone for our consideration.   The reason I have at this stage created two separate files is because the first set we have to declare and respond to publically, whereas Rich's set includes a lot of entries that he himself admits may be more appropriate to deal with at a later stage so we should filter these first before adding them to the first list.
As you will see there are a lot to deal with although most of them have been the subject of discussions between David, myself and the originator so there are few surprises.  However we still have to work through them, decide what to do with them and then make the changes.  I would suggest a process as follows:
- first we have a round of exchanges by email to capture views of everybody on any/all of the proposed changes - target date 15 Jan
- from that initial review I update the tables marking those that we agree need changes to be made - target date 22 Jan
- we then have one or more conf calls to work through the detailed changes.  Note these calls would not be counted as formal TC meetings, just working sessions, so wouldn't count towards TC participation - target date 5 Feb
- finally we then convene a formal TC call to review/agree the final set of changes and the Public Review response - target date 19 Feb
The OASIS Process requires us to then put out the revised v6.0 for another 15 day Public Review period before we can finally approve it as a Committee Standard and then submit it for full OASIS approval.  So still a long way to go before we can close this chapter.
To kick this off can I ask for you initial high-level views/comments on any/all of the suggested changes by 15 January please.


EML v6 Public Review Comments - Disposition.doc


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