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Hi All


My current OASIS membership has until now been under the umbrella of Pensive NV/SA based in Belgium.  However the future of the company in the light of assessments of continued poor economic prospects will not be in a position to renew its organisational membership of OASIS.  I have therefore taken out a new Individual membership and will continue to serve the various TCs and the eGov MS under that registration. 


Two of the Pensive directors, Peter Brown and myself, are now finalising agreements as regards IP that we personally (as opposed to Pensive) will hold going forward, but I do not foresee this as having any impact on my contribution to the work of E&VS Technical Committee.


I would add that Pensive is not the only company I do work for.  I am also an associate consultant with two other UK companies. - CS Transform Ltd ( www.cstransform.com/) and 21c Consultancy (http://www.21cconsultancy.com/).


I wish to continue to serve as your chairman but if anybody feels that my change of membership undermines that and requires me to stand for re-election then I am more than willing to do so.


Will you please use the following email address for me in future  johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk






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