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emergency-adopt-outreach message

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Subject: FW: December 2009 CCI Bulletin

Title: Re: Standard vUSA language



Bill Kalin
Clarus Technology, Inc.

Subject: December 2009 CCI Bulletin


Attached please find the December 2009 edition of the Command, Control and Interoperability (CCI) Division Bulletin


Through a practitioner-driven approach, CCI creates and deploys information resources to enable seamless and secure interactions among homeland security stakeholders.  Distributed monthly to CCI stakeholders, the CCI Bulletin provides updates about CCI-related initiatives, accomplishments, events, and opportunities.


If you have updates for the next edition, please send them to Alyssa Mangino at Alyssa.Mangino@touchstone.com.


Many thanks,






December 2009 CCI Bulletin.pdf

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