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Subject: Groups - EC-68-d03-2-1-PUBLIC-WEATHER-SERVICES-approved_excerpt.pdf uploaded

Submitter's message
The attached document is an excerpt from the Executive Council meeting of the World Meteorological Organization. During the meeting in June, the WMO states here their increased support and advocacy for CAP.

The following message was forwarded to me for dissemination along with the document from Eliot Christian who adds the following:

I would like to mention three items of possible interest regarding implementations of Common Alerting Protocol (CAP).

(1) Last week, actions to accelerate CAP implementation were approved by the Executive Council of the World Meteorological Organization. My excerpt of the document, EC-68/Doc. 3.2.1, is attached (original documents are here).

(2) Anyone interested in CAP is welcome to participate in the 2016 CAP Implementation Workshop, but please fill in the Registration form. Also, if you would like to be added as a presenter, please let me know immediately because the Programme is nearly full.

(3) The OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee is considering to develop an updated Practices Guide, perhaps modeled on draft notes for CAP in Mexico. Please let me know if you have an interest in such a Guide.

-- Elysa Jones
Document Name: EC-68-d03-2-1-PUBLIC-WEATHER-SERVICES-approved_excerpt.pdf

Items of interest - regarding WMO and advocacy for CAP usage.
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Submitter: Elysa Jones
Group: OASIS Emergency Management Adoption TC
Folder: General
Date submitted: 2016-07-20 08:06:06

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