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emergency-cap message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-cap] Tony can't attend 10-28 CAP SC meeting

I will call in for the meeting on Monday.

Since I noticed some discussions regarding perpetual CAP issues for CAP 2.0, I'd like to raise a few more items related data I've seen in more countries. 

1. Multiple areas. 
An event can have multiple types of areas, for example an earthquake may have an incident location plus shaking locations. A fire would have start location, burn area, and warning areas. A tsunami has multiple arrival segments, and within each segment there may be breakpoints with different wave heights and arrival times. Even though CAP is supposed to only have warning areas, I think it may be useful to allow for multiple areas and have some standard labeling.

2. Formatting. 
This is the question of HTML in the descriptions. It's strongly discouraged but not listed anywhere. However, there's no getting around the fact that if CAP is to be used dissemination over the internet, it'd be nice to better support HTML formatting in <description> and <instruction>

3. Languages. 
I'd like better documentation on parameters names across languages. Many countries have multiple official languages. Should parameter names be the same across languages? Or be language dependent?

On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 7:19 PM, Tony Mancuso <amancuso@google.com> wrote:
I have a schedule conflict and I won't be able to attend and chair/take minutes at the Monday 10-28 CAP SC meeting. I hope another chair can take over. Yu Chen may attend to raise new issues for consideration by the group.

Tony Mancuso
co-chair CAP SC


Yu Chen | Partner Technology Manager | Partner Solutions, gTech | +1 (650) 214-4851 

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