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emergency-cap message

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Subject: Assorted notes - Revised Finish Time

Hi Folks,

These are the questions I have as I finish checking through the issues list and move into the Word Tweeks. Sorry if it's a little disjointed, but that's par for the course. The following terms are being checked to see if they are single or plural per issue 170.

OET-097 hazardous seas (left as is.)

OET-169 rogue waves (As I recall rogue waves are rare and happen as single wave)

OET-193 swells (left as is)

I don't have an disagreements with the terms below.

Unfortunately, my right arm is ready to drop off so I have to stop now. I will have some time tomorrow before a Dr. Appt in the afternoon. I'll be cancelling the RIM SC tomorrow for this. I then have another Dr. Appt Wednesday morning, and while I'm hoping to et done tomorrow. I thought I'd get done today. Sigh, I also have a serious difficulty with lower denture that broke yesterday.

Numbers and terms changed in the following terms per issue 173:

OET-035 canal issue
OET-039 Civil issue
OET-065 drug safety issue
OET-066 drug supply issue
OET-070 electronic infrastructure issue
OET-085 food safety issue
OET-086 food supply issue
OET-113 industrial facility issue
OET-115 infrastructure issue
OET-116 internet service issue
OET-119 landline service issue
OET-121 law enforcement issue
OET-133 mobile communication issue
OET-138 nuclear power plant issue
OET-146 potable water issue
OET-148 power utility issue
OET-150 public facility issue
OET-155 radiation issue

Let's see how tomorrow goes.

Cheers, sort of,

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