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emergency-cap message

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Subject: RE: Event Terms List - word tweaks

CAP-SC members…



Here are the leftover sections (in blue) with 1 or more word tweaks (that were not covered off already by the existing Jira entries).



1 Introduction

2 Background

2.2 Interoperability

2.5 What is an Alert

2.8 CAP Event Type Codes

2.9 CAP-XML User Groups

2.10 CAP <category>

3 Event term Spectrums

4.2 Related Terms

4.3 Narrow Terms

4.4 Terms vs. Preferred Terms

4.5 Other Language Terms

4.7 Other Lists

5 Event Terms List

5.1 Submitted Event Terms




PS. The sections with differences, that already have a Jira entry, are listed below in red. Differences within these sections are not part of this tweak review exercise.


2.6 What is an Alert Type

2.7 Event terms

3.1 Broad to Narrow Spectrum

3.2 Time Spectrum

3.3 Impact Spectrum - Seems there is a period vs ellipsis difference at the end of this section that already should have been dealt with.

3.4 Action Spectrum – Bulk of it seems to be missing in the WD02 document

5.2 What Event Terms OASIS Will Accept

5.3 What Event Terms OASIS Will Not Accept


Norm Paulsen
Data Architecture and Standards | Architecture des données et des normes
Forecast Systems Integration & Innovation | Intégration et innovation du système de prévisions

Meteorological Service of Canada | Service météorologique du Canada


4905 Dufferin St. Toronto, Ontario M3H 5T4
Tel:  416 739-4190
Email: norm.paulsen@ec.gc.ca




Attachment: etl-v1.0-cn01-NP-wd02-tweaks.docx
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