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emergency-cap message

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Subject: wd04



In wd04


Line 352 – the word ”an” should be “the”

Line 353 – should be… (i.e. a “wind” event leading to a “wind” alert)

Line 367 – missing the word “all”, should be…all associated to a “tropical storm” event.

Line 368 – two spaces at the end of the line

Line 369 – two spaces after… However

Line 369 – should be… “smoke” event

Line 403 – missing comma after the word “both”

Line 404 – The word Practices should start a new paragraph


An extra entry in Appendix B... OET-144 Heavy Rain

-          Not sure how that got inserted in there. Its not even alphabetical so something seems wrong.


Norm Paulsen
Data Architecture and Standards | Architecture des données et des normes
Forecast Systems Integration & Innovation | Intégration et innovation du système de prévisions

Meteorological Service of Canada | Service météorologique du Canada


4905 Dufferin St. Toronto, Ontario M3H 5T4
Tel:  416 739-4190
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