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emergency-gis message

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Subject: RE: Agenda for tomorrows teleconference

All -
It has been a busy week of email discussion on a variety of topics!  So, we will have a full agenda tomorrow for our 11:30 AM EST teleconference.
Possible agenda items:
1. Discussion of Dave Danko's 3 suggested approaches (See below) for enhancements to CAP for handling coordinate reference systems. Our recommendation would result in a change request proposal for a new work item after CAP 1.0 has been approved.
2. Discussion on RAINS in Oregon and whether we should seek collaboration with them (at some level)
3. Thoughts on CAP registries and what that means (like implications moving forward in terms of access to a CRS registry (there is one!)
4. Any other hot topic :-)

> 1. allow people to use any coordinate reference system and make them
> identify the one they used. The problem is not everyone receiving the
> message will be using a GIS and may not be able to handle that 
> particular
> CRS. If they knew ahead of time what CRS will always be used they will 
> be
> prepared for it.
> Or
> 2. (as Carl mentions below -Recommended XML Encoding of
> CRS Definitions) have the people use whatever they want and include the
> whole description of the CRS - Then there is no miscommunication about 
> the
> definition of all the parameters in the CRS, trouble is, half the 
> people
> wouldn't know what to do with them.
> Or
> 3.  Make everyone use the same coordinate reference system - so there 
> is no mis-communication - users would know what to expect, that's what we've 
> done in this version of CAP. That's what the US military does/is trying to 
> do - after learning the hard way.

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