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Subject: Re: [emergency-have] Closing out HAVE 2.0

I have submitted a proposal to “merge” the HL7 and OASIS front matter to both organizations. I asked for a status on my submission by this Friday - want to know where it is in they review/approval process. 

I have not heard anything yet. I will forward status as soon as I have any info. 

I will be at the HL7 work group meetings next week. I will be working the issue with HL7 staff while there. 

Scott M Robertson, PharmD, RPh, FHL7, GIAC, CISSP
Health IT Strategy & Policy
Technology Risk Office
Kaiser Permanente 

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On May 8, 2018, at 10:12 AM, Darrell O'Donnell <darrell.odonnell@continuumloop.com> wrote:

Caution: This email came from outside Kaiser Permanente. Do not open attachments or click on links if you do not recognize the sender.

Folks - what steps do we need to take to move EDXL HAVE 2.0 back to the TC? My (become vague) recollection is that the following needs to happen:

* Alignment with HL7 "front matter"
* XSD adjusted to reflect minor changes to EDXL-CT. Where are the "source of truth" files for this? I can make these changes and get them checked into SVN this weekend. 

A driver behind my questions is my looming OASIS membership expiry next month. I don't currently plan to renew it. 

Any input would be awesome!

Thanks a ton!



Darrell O'Donnell, P.Eng.


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