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emergency-msg message

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Subject: Minutes for Meeting 07-11-06

Hi Everyone,

Here are the Minutes of our last meeting,

EM-Msg Meeting July 11, 2006 Minutes

Voting Members:
Rex Brooks,
Elysa Jones,
Sukumar Dwarkanath,
Tim Grapes,
Lee Tincher,
Dave Ellis,
Gary ham,
Michelle Raymond,

We had a quorum, and the minutes for the previous meeting were accepted.


1.HAVE: We discussed the latest version of the specification 
submitted by Sukumar, following the informally agreed approach of 
limiting the scope to Hospital Availability and Status, and to the 
extent possible using HAVE resource reporting in format of the 
Resource Typing in the EDXL_RM, serving as another example similar to 
FEMA typing in that specification effort.

Sukumar went through the specific concerns Patti wrote about, 
continuing with the question of an organization identifier for 
messages and the suggestion of looking at the DE to see how this is 
handled. e.g. SenderID. We tabled the issue to check with Patti.

It was decided to the change Bed Capacity from 0 to many to 1 to many.

Sukumar noted that he had changed OBGYN to have supertype and subtype.

It was decided unanimously to make these minor changes, consulting 
with Patti if possible, then send this iteration to Dr. Bob Bass of 
Maryland EMS.

Sukumar said he would add appropriae examples in an appendix to be 
added to the current version with the minor changes decided at this 

Sukumar said that HITDSP is likely recommend the HAVE specification 
once it is approved. (It wasn't mentioned whether this would apply to 
a committee specification, or the final approved OASIS Standard.)

It was also agreed to make finishing HAVE a priority, because it is 
close to being done.

It was decided to meet again the following Thursday, as scheduled to 
move forward with the schema work on the individual messages.

2.EDXL_RM: We decided, as mentioned, to have the previously scheduled 
meeting for Thursday, JULY 20, even though it is out of synch with 
the new regular TC schedule following the July 4th schedule 
4.We will focus on making sure we are in agreement with using the 
Matrix of Message Type status as mandatory, optional, conditional, or 
undecided as the vehicle for moving forward.
6.We decided to ask that several members work up sample message 
schemata for review at the next meeting, Jlu 20th, with the objective 
that we be able to finish this draft with complete message schemata 
by July 28th in order to approve it for public comment in August.

The meeting adjourned

As always, please send comments, corrections, etc.

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309

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