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Subject: Re: [emergency-msg] RM elements - Ross/Jon Skeels

Thanks Tim,

This is very informative and helpful. It's great to have information 
we can sink out metaphorical teeth into.


At 10:49 AM -0400 8/25/06, Tim Grapes wrote:
>I completed some research on the 4 "OwnerInfo" elements in the RM 
>design.  The background information below is presented from the 
>Wildland Fire / ROSS system perspective. 
>It appears that all 4 elements are "organization" information.  I 
>recommend that "Owner" and "OwningJurisdiction" be combined into one 
>element as they represent the same thing.  "HomeDispatch" and 
>"HomeUnit are distinct enough to keep.  Documentation frequently 
>uses the term "dispatch unit" generically.
>"Owner" / "OwningJurisdiction"
>Resource Owner Organization.  The organization (government or 
>private) who owns the resource.
>Resource Home Dispatch Name - The description used to identify the 
>dispatch unit that has primary responsibility for maintaining 
>information on the resource (e.g., Ft. Collins Dispatch Center, 
>Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center).  The HomeDispatch fills 
>Requests for Resource
>(although it's not totally clear, this element also appears to be 
>organization info)
>Resource Home Unit - The description used to identify the office, 
>district, etc. (organization), where the resource typically works 
>out of (e.g., Manti-Lasal National Forest/Sanpete District).
>*          e.g. When released from the detail assignment, the 
>resource's  "release-to location" will be the location designated by 
>the resource's home unit.
>*          E.g. Status of "Released" - The assigned resource has 
>departed the event and has been released to the home unit or 
>reassigned unit.
>Organization:  A company, office, or agency referenced in ROSS. 
>Includes government and private organizations.
>*          Organization has:
>*          Unit Identifier Code              (State Code + 4-Letter Unit ID)
>*          Organization Name  (e.g. Boise National Forest,
>*          Organization Location          (City, State)
>*          Organization Contact Info    (Address, Phone, Email, FAX, etc.)
>*          Organization Type   (Federal, State, Private)
>*          Organization Administrative Affiliations
>*          Organization data includes Agency and Unit Name.
>Dispatch Organization 
>*          The dispatch office responsible for obtaining resources 
>to support the incident/project.
>*          Dispatch Organization   (Who has resource ordering responsibility)
>*           Requestor        The originating dispatch office
>*           Provider           The dispatch office with whom the 
>request is placed and/or assigns the resource.
>On the side in reference to our "ResourceMessage" "Status" - this is how
>Request Status - A description of the current state of a request.
>*          Open    Request has been logged; no action has been taken.
>*          Pending            Request has been reviewed by the 
>decision maker and some activity has occurred.
>*          Cancelled          The request has been cancelled by the 
>requestor prior to assignment.
>*          Selected           A resource has been selected to fill 
>the request, but has not departed.
>*          Filled-Closed     A request has been filled with a supply 
>item that does not require further tracking.
>*          Filled    A resource has been dispatched to fill the 
>request and request will remain active until
>             the resource has been released.
>*          Released          The assigned resource has departed the 
>event and has been released to the home
>             unit or reassigned unit.
>*          Unable to Fill     The request was not filled due to lack 
>of resources based on availability or
>             management priorities.  Final disposition; request is 
>considered "closed".
>Request Status - Selected vs. Filled
>*          When a resource is selected to fill a request, the 
>Request Status is set to "Selected".  The request status is changed 
>to "Filled" when the resource departs for the assignment.
>*          Once Request Status is "Filled", the resource is 
>considered "committed" to the incident and must be released before 
>being selected for another assignment.
>*          This feature allows the resource to be shown on an 
>availability list in cases where the reporting date of the first 
>request is in the future and a second request's ending dates are 
>prior to that reporting date.
>Tim Grapes
>Evolution Technologies, Inc.
>Department of Homeland Security
>Science and Technology Directorate/OIC
>Disaster Management egov Initiative
>Office:  (703) 654-6075
>Mobile:  (703) 304-4829
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Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
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Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309

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