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Subject: Confusion about RM location elements


Dear all,


I’m in the process of updating the RM message schemas and examples, and checking consistency with the latest version of the matrix and data dictionary.  I’m confused about the location elements.  The data dictionary lists the sub-elements of Location as being:


-          LocationDescription

-          ExplicitAddress (with sub-elements ExplicitAddressScheme & ExplicitAddressValue – both strings)

-          TargetArea (with sub-elements Circle, Polygon, Country, Subdivision, LocCodeUN – all strings)


However, I was previously under the impression that we were using a combination of CIQ addresses and the OASIS GML profile?  The CommonTypes schema lists the following as the sub-elements of Location:


-          Description

-          CIQInformation (with sub-elements Party and Address – probably only Address is needed in this context)

-          geo-oasis:where (with sub-elements Point, LineString, Polygon & Envelope)


Could somebody please clarify for me the latest decision about these elements?  In my opinion, if we are using CIQ for addresses in the ContactInformation package, we should stick with CIQ addresses for Location, for the sake of consistency.  Also, representing circles, polygons, etc. with strings does not seem like a good solution.  The alternative is to use the OASIS GML profile – however this has errors in it and does not seem to have been updated for a while (does anyone know what is happening with this?).





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