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Subject: CAP 1.2 changes

	Here again is the list of CAP 1.2 changes developed from the comments work done in the fall.  The primary reason is the identified need for Avoid and AllClear and adding them could not be accomplished through the errata process.

3 - Caution/restriction against restricted, escaped, and special characters and
encoded entities in content fields
15,17-6,20,22 - New responseType values of Avoid and AllClear
16,19 - Editorial changes
27 - Clarification on acceptable values in polygon and circle elements
28 - Expand CAP examples to include update and bilingual messages

Also based on IPAWS profile work, the following changes could also be added,

- All dateTime elements should include a timezone (Art's guidelines from the IPAWS profile could be used)
- A review of the schema found <element name="effective" type="dateTime" form="qualified" minOccurs="0"/> where form="qualified" is not used for any other elements and is probably an error??

Finally, an additional non-normative paragraph could be added describing EDXL-DE and its intended transport role to heighten awareness, since it was not in existence when CAP was first released.


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