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Subject: Questions from WD10 Review

Hi Everyone,

I've been working with Werner reviewing the specification document and some questions turned up:

Questions for the SitReps Mtg 12-21-2010 or Later

  1. Correct Name for Report Type: ResponseResources (Current text) v. ResponseResourcesSummary (Previous diagrams) v. ResponseResourcesTotal (Current Schema) RB: No opinion

  1. IncidentCommandOrganization changed to CommandOrganization? Are there other such changes that could be missed? RB: Could this be confusing? It confused me a bit.

  1. ct but no sr citation in schema. How much advice do we need from TC/RIM? RB: Should we consult with IF SC on DE naming and HAVE SC on HAVE stuff? Don can handle much of this but we need to be careful we don't use future names (and naming conventions) for current specs.  Makes it difficult to be consistent and we may need notes or disclaimers, though that can cause confusion, too. No easy, obvious answers.

  1. We still have CIQ –Vcard and GML SimpleFeatures to include correctly.

These are probably not the only questions that will come up, just what have come up so far.

Werner and I have arranged to continue working together because it is terrifically difficult to do a fine-grained review of text, diagrams, data dictionary and schema against each other to ensure consistency.


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