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emergency-rim message

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Subject: Checksum-hash/digest-digital indentifier-MD5


At our EM TC Reference Information Model (RIM) subcommittee meeting today, we discussed the need for confirmation of the integrity of downloaded documents (schema, zip files, etc.) using a checksum or other approach. This agenda item came from Martena Gooch's excellent suggestion that we provide a solution and which then resulted in some email discussions. Although there are probably various approaches, our thought was that it might be best to consider first the OASIS staff recommendation, since the downloads will be from the OASIS site.

In one of your emails, you mentioned that OASIS has a requirement in hand to do something better than just zip crc for hash/digest, maybe MD5 or other solution. So I was wondering if you would like to take the lead on this, consult with members as needed, and make a recommendation. This will ensure that the solution matches the OASIS requirements and policy, which should help with the transition.


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