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emergency-tep message

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Subject: How TEP document should be handled with HL7

As we discussed on our call today, the HL7 folks are able to work with us under the existing MOU and no SOU will be needed.


Their staff person has sent me the following question for us to discuss wrt wether we seek an HL7 “endorsement” or “adoption:”


We now need to draft a letter of agreement specific to the particular project(s) we are undertaking. In particular, for each project we should come to agreement on the following:

§  Will there be two versions or a single version? You have indicated that Oasis would like to bring TEP to HL7 (through a work group) for endorsement. When an external document is endorsed by HL7, it will undergo an informative ballot. Once the document is successfully balloted, both HL7 and Oasis may release their own version of the document under separate copyright, or, if Oasis wishes to retain copyright, a single jointly copyrighted document will be produced. I don’t know what would be best for Oasis, so will rely on your judgment here. Please refer to section 18 of the HL7 Governance and Operations manual for details: http://www.hl7.org/documentcenter/public/membership/HL7_Governance_and_Operations_Manual.pdf


§  If we go the joint copyright route, Oasis should let HL7 know when the document is updated so that it can be submitted for another endorsement ballot.

§  We also need to agree on distribution and cost.  Will the document be freely available from your website or is it available only to your members?  Will you charge for it? Both organizations should coordinate these efforts so that one group is not giving it away for free while the other is charging for it, etc.


The other route would be to have the document adopted by HL7. It would then become HL7’s copyrighted work and would be maintained by the HL7 organization. My guess is that joint copyright will be most appropriate for this document, but again, I will rely on your judgment.


Please forward this email to those on your end who needs to be advised. Once you’ve had an opportunity to discuss the issues and respond, we can draft a brief letter outlining what we have agreed to. I am also available for another phone conference if that would be helpful.


Please look over these options and the details in Section 18 of the HL7 guidance document.  Your comments are welcomed as a reply to this email. 




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