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emergency-tep message

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Subject: Info for TEP WD

Hi Werner and SC members,


I just spoke with Tim Grapes.  He sends his well wishes and would like to be working with us.  He provided some good information about where to get some of the information for the WD that we discussed today.  He thinks that the spread sheet in the requirements folder should have definitions for all elements.  Further, these definitions had practitioner input, so they may not be far off when HL7 members have a look.  I asked him about the wording for the 2.0 Section narrative.  He said there should be some good wording in the set of documents that were the original hand-off material.  Much of that can be directly used.  He will provide some pointers to us for that.


It wouldn’t hurt for us all who were late comers to this effort (or who only scanned it very early on) to take a look again at the hand-off material.  There was some very good work done by the practitioners that we may need to familiarize ourselves with.    These materials document the use case for TEP.







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