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emergency message

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Subject: [emergency] Meeting Minutes: 2/18/03

EM TC Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, February 18, 2003
In attendance:
* Allen Wyke - Blue292 (Chair) 
* Rick Carlton - E Team (Vice Chair) 
* Gary Ham - DMI-Services 
* Karl Kotalik - NC4 
* Jay Clark - Ship Analytics 
* Dave Robinson - Wells Fargo 
* Eliot Christian - Dept of Interior 
* Art Botterell - Partnership for Public Warning 
* Michael C. Wilson - Individual
* Cathy Subatch - E Team (Observer) 
* John Aerts - ISAB (Observer) 
* Rex Brooks - Individual (Observer)
* David Hall - Individual (Observer)
* Stephen J. Jepsen - Oracle (Observer)

Meeting Minutes:
(Note: meeting minutes were taped and are used to clarify any
understandings for the published minutes)

The meeting opened with a welcome from the chairperson, Allen Wyke.
Allen reiterated how important it was for all to understand the
landscape we are working in. Mentioned that ANSI has started a group
similar to e-GOV and that he is working to liaison and leverage work
between the EM TC and these two groups.

Allen reviewed rules for an observer. If a participant was not an OASIS
member prior to 1/27/03 and hadn't sent Allen an email asking to
participate by that date then they are considered observers and should
be in a "listen mode" only. After these observers have attended three
meetings they will be considered members. 

Allen had three agenda items to discuss:
* Review of the emails that had been sent within the TC last week
(available on the TC oasis email list) 
* Begin to talk about dividing up the work 
* Schedule a face to face meeting

Before the discussion started, Allen reviewed the voting rules. Each
person that is a formal member (there are 13 TC members), not observers,
have one vote for issues at hand. A majority is needed to pass a vote.

VOTE: Allen asked for a vote on whether the group should be able to vote
via email. These votes can then be archived and tallied. Allen took a
verbal vote and each member in attendance (see above list) voted YEAH. 

Result: The EM TC will be able to conduct voting via email.

GARTNER: Allen mentioned that Gartner, the leading IT industry analyst
group, had written a "First Take" on the EM TC. It was clear from this
note that the Gartner understanding of the TC did not line up with what
we are doing. Allen said he was in discussions with the analyst to
educate them on the TC.  A copy of the First Take will be sent to all TC
members. It is also available on the Gartner website (www.gartner.com)
by using the search feature. Search for the author, "mogull" and you
should be able to read the document.

Note: Gartner had approached OASIS and the E Team PR rep after seeing
the EM-XML Consortium press release. A briefing with Gartner is being
coordinated which will include the Chairs of the EM TC and the EM-XML

DISCUSSION: The next thirty minutes was devoted to discussions
surrounding the emails that had been exchanged during the week. The
discussion was devoted to the definition of what the group would be
defining, including definitions of semantics versus schema, and which
was most important for the group to tackle, data dictionaries, transport
protocols, interoperability opportunities, and available resources the
TC may want to look into. The first pass details of these groups can be
found in these postings:

* http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/emergency/200302/msg00005.html
* http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/emergency/200302/msg00012.html
* http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/emergency/200302/msg00013.html

Allen's summary of discussion: Part of the landscape idea is to find
specific standards that are out there. We need to be able to describe
what we are doing and explain it to implementers. Per agreement from
last meeting, let's see what's out there and understand it well enough
to discuss. Each participant needs to identify any relevant research
that has been done and we need to pull together the requirements for the

* Allen - Take first stab at putting together requirements document 
* Members - send minimum requirements and "nice to have" requirements to
Allen to include in document 
* Rick - will provide Allen with categorization analysis to use in
requirements document 
* Members - After Allen compiles document will be send to membership for
review and comment. The document will be refined over the next two to
three meetings. 
* Members - identify dates that would work for first TC face-to-face
meeting (within 6 - 8 weeks). Meeting would be place where group could
bridge between finalizing requirements document and creating work teams.
Please identify any conferences that meeting could successfully
piggyback. Also, need volunteer to host meeting. Please forward meeting
dates/places to Cathy M. Subatch at csubatch@eteam.com

* Allen to create draft of requirements document using input from
membership. He will work with Rick for "categories of use" to be
included in document. 
* The document will be refined over the next few meetings and will
result in a roadmap identifying which standards the TC should focus on.
The template can be applied to different groups. 
* Identify which members will work on what items 
* Define what is doable in timeframe (this is important for visibility
of group) 
* Q1 deliverable will be final requirements documents

Tuesday, February, 25th, 1:00pm EST/10:00am PST
Dial in Number: 1.800.453.7412    Access Code: 604776  

R. Allen Wyke
VP, Technology and Services

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