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emergency message

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Subject: [emergency] Good/neccessary backround information

Justice community XML efforts currently underway:
Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (Global). 
http://www.iir.com/global/ and http://it.ojp.gov/global/index.jsp

Global Infrastructure / Standards Working Group (GISWG)

(GISWG) will be vetting the Justice Data Dictionary (JDD) beta version 3.0.0
in 15 days on March 30, 2003

the Alpha version is at	 http://justicexml.gtri.gatech.edu/xstf

To authenticate manually:
			login:	xstfuser
			passwd:	opensesame

Automatic authentication:

Contact is John Wandelt -- The XSTF is real busy with the 30th as a deadline
and the Global meeting on the 1st and 2nd of April. Please wait until after
the 3rd to contact him.

	 <<John Wandelt.vcf>> 

Global Intelligence Working Group

	Law Enforcement Intelligence Forum (LEIF). 

	Multistate Anti-TeRrorism Information EXchange (MATRIX)

Event Calendar for OJP Information Technology Initiatives


Lieutenant John Aerts
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Records & Identification Bureau
Consolidated Criminal History Reporting System  (CCHRS)
Project Manager

562 465 7876	Phone
323 415 2666	Fax
aerts@lasd.org	Internet

John Wandelt.vcf

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