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emergency message

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Subject: EM Notifications SC Charter (revised)

EM Notification Methods and Messages Subcommittee
3 April 2003

At any moment the "operational picture" perceived by each individual
and organization represents the accumulation and fusion of various
streams of incoming information.  The accuracy and completeness of
that operational picture, and the quality of the decisions based upon
it, depend in large part on the scope, transparency and efficiency of
the incoming information flows.  And the effectiveness of coordinated
effort among individuals and agencies depends in large part on their
having access to the same flows of information (including information
about each other's status and intentions) and thus sharing a common
operational picture.

The EM Notification Methods and Messages Subcommittee will address
procedures and formats for exchanging new and updated information
related to functions including public safety, emergency response and
homeland security.


The EM Notification Methods and Messages Subcommittee will undertake
three immediate projects:

 Review and refinement of contributed work from the Common Alerting
Protocol Working Group;

 Design and development of an Incident Notification message format; and,

 Development of a core set of messages to support the National
Incident Management System mandated in Homeland Security Presidential
Directive #5 and based on established Incident Command System (ICS)

In the course of developing these deliverables, the Subcommittee will
draw on the expertise of the GIS and Infrastructure Subcommittees.
In addition, the Subcommittee will make recommendations to the full
Technical Committee regarding education and outreach activities
involving end-users.

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